Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Inkheart," The Book And The Movie

When I started reading the book "Inkheart," I couldn't put it down. As a avid reader of books, I enjoyed a book that brought the characters to life.

Cornelia Funke is a gifted writer. Her characters are well-constructed in the book. There's depth to each of them. It's easy to see yourself in one character or another, especially if you're a book lover.

I was excited when I heard the book was being made into a movie. Yesterday, I watched it on the big screen with my husband. To say the least, the movie isn't as good as the book. The director and screen writer condensed the story to the point where the characters seemed shallow compared to their depth in the book. Actor Paul Bettany brought Dustfinger to reality, and Brendan Fraser was good as Silvertongue. Other than these performers, the cast and characters were disappointing.

Hollywood never fails to disappoint me when it turns books into movies.

Inkheart, The Book

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