Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Album "One Chance" By Paul Potts

I first heard of Paul Potts from my friend Hani in Sweden. Last year, he sent me a youtube link to his performance on Britain Got Talent, the English version of The American Idol. At the time, there was a debate about whether he could win the contest. He's not as handsome as Josh Groban. He's an average Joe with a strong voice.

On June 20, 2007, SJ Reidhead wrote on BC Blogcritics magazine:

Paul Potts’ tale could become one of opera’s great Cinderella or Cinderfella stories. Only time will tell. Unlike other opera singers who are struggling for an audience, he comes complete with a ready made one, hanging on to his every note. People who have never heard a note of opera before are tuning in to listen to him. Sometimes dreams do come true. Sometimes dreams come true for people who truly deserve to have them come true.

I first heard about Paul Potts, the soulfully sad Welsh tenor last week, when the blog buzz was just getting started. When I first heard the 36 year old man with the basset hound eyes, the suit that cost thirty-five pounds, and his world-weary appearance, I was in tears. He nailed Puccini’s Nessun Dorma like a pro.

As you watch the critique of the tenor who still works at Carphone Warehouse, watch the look of disbelief on his face. You realize this is a man who is trying one last rash stunt, appearing on Britain’s Got Talent. If he lost, he was planning to quit and throw away the small fortune he spent on voice lessons. Instead, for once, fortune smiled on the man who is afraid to smile because he is so self-conscious of his very crooked teeth.

Paul Potts Nessun Dorma de Puccini (subtitulos esp)

The Cinderella story went global. Yesterday, I bought his Album "One Chance." I don't buy music albums unless I'm buying Josh Groban or Andre' Bocelli albums. I just added Paul Potts to my short list of favorite vocal performers.

His story makes me believe in myself. It makes me believe that I can reach the skies and achieve my dreams no matter how far they seem right now.

Paul Potts: One Chance


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