Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dave Barry's History of the Millennium

I always get distracted and don't finish reading Dave Barry's year in review articles published in the Miami Herald. So, I was thrilled to see them all published in a single book. The book covers this millennium up to year 2006. You can read his 2007 year in review here to get an idea of what to expect when reading the book.

Dave Barry looks humorously at the new millennium. Big surprise!! He's Dave Barry.

The book may not make sense to people who don't follow American news on American TV news channels. Dave Barry twists his news reporting to show us how stupid some of the TV news coverage can be.

After reading the book, you'll think twice before making an appearance on cable TV. If you get invited to appear on cable TV, remember you aren't that expert. It's just the 24/7 cable news channel needs to fill the time with anything. There's no glamor in being an expert on a cable TV.

Dave Barry's History
of the Millennium (So Far)

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