Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Meet Admiral Dingy

Have you ever met a former Hollywood actor? One that is funny and crazy at the same time. I did on Saturday:

The self-professed Admiral Dingy, a 64-year-old part-time dance teacher with, perhaps, more spirit than sense, plans to depart Beaumont soon in a coffin-sized red dinghy that the eccentric claims to have been building since 1975.

The Admiral, born Daryl Colinot in Maine, hopes to navigate his 9-foot, 11-inch long, 6-foot wide boat around the globe. If successful, he will earn a record for sailing all those thousands of nautical miles in "the world's smallest cruise ship," he said.

The Guinness World Records Web site notes no such feat.

"Ta-da! Hero! Hero!" the Admiral announced last week,...


Isn't that crazy? See below pictures for a proof.

© Fayrouz Hancock

Admiral Dingy standing on the top of his boat. He seems happy with his work. I really hope he can achieve his dream.

© Fayrouz Hancock

Admiral Dingy is supposed to sail around America and then the world on this boat. Yeh, right.

© Fayrouz Hancock

Mark waits for Admiral Dingy's dancing class. People thought it was too hot for an outdoor dance class. So, the class was cancelled. We still had to wait until we were certain the class was cancelled.

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