Saturday, August 05, 2006

Beaumont Giant Fire Hydrant

© Mark M. Hancock

We don't have an impressive downtown in Beaumont; but we have a giant fire hydrant. City of Beaumont states it's the world largest fire hydrant:

The hydrant stands 24 2 feet Tall and weighs 4,500 lbs. Constructed at Disney Land in California, it is now located permanently on the grounds of the Fire Museum of Texas. The hydrant was used as a prop for the re-release promotion of the video 101 Dalmatians. It is fiberglass fabricated re-enforced with 1000 feet of steel and 1,500 gallons of water can be pumped through a sprinkler device on top of the hydrant.

But, Roadside America Web site states it's now the third largest fire giant:

Records are made to be broken, and that's apparently what happened to Beaumont, Texas, briefly "Home of the World's Largest Fire Hydrant." A scant two years after the city erected a 24-ft. tall black and white spotted hydrant in front of the Fire Museum of Texas, a taller hydrant was unveiled in upstart Elm Creek, Manitoba. And artist Blue Sky erected his 39 ft. tall "Busted Plug" in Columbia, South Carolina!

I'm sure another person or organization will build a larger fire hydrant in the future. Records are made to be broken :-)

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