Saturday, July 29, 2006

Riverfront Park In Beaumont, Texas

I took a few pictures at Riverfront Park two months ago. I thought I'd publish them before they become part of my history :-)

© Fayrouz Hancock

The sign reads:

Walking Beam from U.S.S. Clifton

On Sept. 8th 1863, a Federal force of 22 gunboats and steamships, with 15,000 men on board, attacked the Confederate fort at Sabine Pass, Texas, defended by the Davis guards of 42 men, lieutenant Dick Dowling in command. The Federals were driven off with the loss of the steamers Clifton and Sachem 42 men killed and 400 captured, including Com. Crawford. This defeat stopped an invasion of Texas by the Federals.

© Fayrouz Hancock

Mark takes my picture while I was busy taking his picture. I like to photograph him when he holds his camera(s).

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