Saturday, April 01, 2006

Animals On The Road

On our way to Cameron Parish, La. on Thursday, we took pictures of animals we saw on the road -- mostly turtles. I took pictures of a gator; but they didn't turn well as the gator felt safer underwater while we tried to photograph it.

© Fayrouz Hancock

This turtle was big compared to the small ones we saw on the road. It was walking the road when we started photographing it. It didn't like attention. So, it turned around and walked into the grass.

© Fayrouz Hancock

There were many dead turtles. Most of them probably died when a car drove over them. We saw the small ones die that way. There were many of them and there's no way for a driver to avoid them unless risking his and other drivers lives.

© Fayrouz Hancock

It was very sad to see this dead dolphin washed off the shore. It looked as it died a few hours earlier. They usually get removed quickly after they're found dead on the shore. I'm not sure this is still the case after Hurricane Rita.

© Fayrouz Hancock

And here's Mark doing his job.

© Fayrouz Hancock

Sonny and Loretta own Meaux's Seafood Shrimp & Crab at Holly Beach. He already had a trailer, a plastic dining table and an industrial freezer to store the seafood. They haven't gotten permission to open their business yet. But, Loretta was looking forward to cook those two crab for dinner.

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